Experience the Kind of Sacred Intimacy That Heals.

Open Up and Be Worshiped for It.

Hi, I’m Nora

I’m a sexological bodyworker and sacred intimacy coach.

I run a course called The Love Doctor Training transmitted through my app Sex is Therapeutic, that teaches how to use the healing powers of the tantric arts to create epic, intimate, and resilient relationships.

Take my 12-week program to open up through sacred intimacy, either on-demand or as part of a group.

Or, read about my 1:1 work.

I regard sexuality as a spiritual practice leading to transcendence.

I believe that remembering our divinity through the innocence of pleasure is a key part of healing our world.

The sacred journey of intimacy begins by improving our relationship with ourselves, which then allows us to deepen our relationships with others.

In turn, this depth of connection enhances our sex life, and that’s because the quality of our intimacy is a direct reflection of the quality of our relationships.

I want that for you.

There came a point in my journey when experiencing all of that goodness wasn’t as fulfilling as helping my circle experience it too, and so I embraced the vocation. 


Love Notes From My Clients: