Direct Coaching

My gift is to create the necessary conditions to uncover the core challenges affecting your journey toward greater intimacy, and your unique and ideal path forward. 

In our sessions you will explore possibilities you may not have dared to dream of, but which you are meant for.

You will shift your energetic positioning, which will shift your thoughts, and you will practice communicating and embodying your aspirations into reality.

This deep work requires full committed presence from both of us.

This is why I only work with a few new soul-clients at a time, when you take part in The Love Doctor Training with The Full-On Lover Pass.

My 1:1 coaching methodology

The work I do is a blend of Direct Transmission, Mindful Somatic Therapy, which is a body-centered approach to therapy and Internal Family System, which is an integrative model of the psyche as multi-faceted.

This approach is evocative of emotions, uses visualization of sensations, and the basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to develop increasigly adaptive behavioral patterns via the reprogramming of subconscious beliefs.

During the session

I typically will guide you to tune in to your body's wisdom in order to connect to your desires, and identify what stands in the way of you experiencing them.

You will then have the opportunity to bring up past experiences and the belief systems forged around them, so that they can be heard, held, processed and re-framed in order to create new possibilities and behavioral change.

We work bottom-up rather than top-down, which means we are listening to your nervous system in order to inform your mind, rather than listening to the mind and attempting to assert cortical control onto your emotional body.

“The insights from our calls have been sincerely life-changing for me.
After trying what has felt like EVERYTHING, working with you has felt like the first thing to really start getting to the roots and the HEART of it all, where the real healing lives- especially when tended to with such Compassion, Presence, and Respect.”
- Diane