The Love Doctor Training

In this 12-week comprehensive self-love and sexual fitness program you will learn to open up, guide others to open up, and be worshiped for it.

Welcome, lover.

I am delighted that you’re here.
My name is Nora and I am a sexological bodyworker and sacred intimacy coach.

I created the Love Doctor Training to help women feel more connected to themselves, and in turn experience extraordinary intimacy with others.

This transformative online course is crafted for free-spirited individuals seeking to ignite their love medicine and experience the kind of sacred sex that reveals the divinity within.

It will empower you with somatic practices, rituals, and tools to nurture your erotic intelligence and create high-integrity relationships.

Is this course
for me?

This intimate and personal self-love and sexual fitness program is perfect for you if you are a free-spirited woman invested in your sexual liberation journey.

You can do it either as a self-study, or with community, or once a year in a fully immersive context with direct coaching.

It is for you if deep inside you already know that:

  • Relationships are the most potent aspects of a meaningful life.
  • The most important relationship of them all is the one with self.
  • When we are our own best friend, we are able to share with others a kind of love that leaves everyone inspired. 
  • Epic sex happens when the mind, the heart, and the body are aligned and together choose to open up more deeply than ever before.
  • Sex can be therapeutic.
  • Life-force energy is healing.
  • When you shine, everyone else’s day gets brighter.
  • Self-love is the answer, but you don’t know how to practically give it to yourself.

It is for you only if you are ready to:

  • Get out of your head and into your body.
  • Feel less closed-off and more open. 
  • Feel more and think less.
  • Stop faking it.
  • Discover what you like.
  • Express your authentic self.
  • Shed the layers of conditioning that no longer serve you.
  • Gracefully break through any taboos.
  • Become deeply resilient and trust in your ability to build long-lasting relationships.
  • Make time to “CPR” yourself back to life: with Compassion, Presence, Respect.
  • Love the messiest, freakiest parts of your body, mind, and soul.
  • Give yourself permission to experience the finest delights available on planet Earth, and then gift them to others.
  • Become a North Star for others.
  • Serve your loving purpose, while having all the fun.

What Will I Do in This Training?

  • Discover the 5 free ingredients to make sex sacred and practice bringing them together.
  • Embody the Tantric approach to intimacy.
  • Understand yourself emotionally and physically, by journaling via the insight forms.
  • Connect to yourself and touch yourself regularly, via guided Yoga Nidra style meditations.
  • Awaken your inner medicine woman, your inner Shamana.
  • Create your altar.
  • Create your own signature sensual oil and have a Love Alchemist ritual to lather Thy Self in it.
  • Deepen your understanding of the elements, and embody their energy to make different kinds of love.
  • Connect with the community of Love Doctors, build intimate friendships with inspiring, passionate and loving women.
  • Share about sensible topics in a wholesome and respectful environment.
  • Get the opportunity to bring up and heal the past, in order to write a new story that is in greater alignment with your truth.
  • Allow your sexual identity to shift and evolve, from unsure to empowered.

Love notes from participants

How does it work?

The 12-week Love Doctor Training is a hybrid online journey which combines daily lessons accessed through your app, as well as weekly community calls and bi-weekly direct coaching calls with Nora.

Next Cohort Starts on: 
September 18th, 2024.
And, ends on:  December 18th, 2024.

What’s included?

1. Daily lessons
Each lesson is easily accessed through the app, or web browser if you prefer.

You can absorb the guided meditative teachings of this program in the intimacy of your own room, while lying in bed and caring for yourself.

Each lesson last an average of 10 minutes, more if you journal and reflect on the prompts.

Training Overview

2. Community Calls
Every Wednesday at 6pm ET, we meet online with our group of six participants for an intimate sharing circle.
Total of 14 gatherings, including opening and closing ceremonies.

Every Wednesday at 7pm ET, we open the space for the community to join our group coaching call.

This space is for you to share your process, ask the burning questions, learn from others, receive coaching in a group setting, and dive into the nature of the expanded sexual response.

3. Direct Coaching
Break through your immediate challenges with six direct coaching calls of 60 minutes, or twelve calls of 30 minutes.

With Nora’s direct support you will identify and dismantle the root causes that are blocking the way to your highest desires, dream bigger, and practice embodying your aspirations into reality.

Enroll in The September Cohort

The Full-On Lover Pass.
This option is the fast-track to your inevitable transformation. It is meant for women who are ready to fully immerse themselves into a more intensive and intimate journey of sexual empowerment. 

This is the only way to receive direct coaching, and this is my most intimate offering.

There is an application process to ensure we are the right match for each other, as the number of participants invited to step into this portal is very limited.

Only 4 spots left this year.

What’s included:

  • The Love Doctor Training, 12-week journey with daily lessons via the app.

  • Access to in-app community support.

  • Every Wednesdays at 6pm ET, we meet with your cohort for an intimate sharing circle, reflecting on the lessons of the week

  • Then, we open the circle at 7pm ET, to welcome other community members for a weekly group coaching call.

  • Every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm ET, we have a lecture on topics related to Sacred Sexuality practices, followed by a Q&A.

  • Direct coaching with Nora, 6 hours in total.

  • Direct messages and direct voice-notes with Nora throughout the duration of the training for ongoing support.

The investment for this comprehensive program is $1680.
A significant savings compared to à la carte value of $2460:
Training, self-study: $360
Group coaching, 12 hours: $360
Sharing circle, 14 hours : $420
Direct coaching, 6 hours: $1320

Don’t want coaching, or looking for a different investment?

Start immediately with The DIY Lover Pass.
Access the training via the app only. You can do it at your own pace, start when you want and end within 6 months. 
Get written support from our team by submitting your insight forms.

The investment for this option is $360

“I’m so amazed at the wealth, depth, breadth, and scope of what came through.”
- Serena

In summary

Not ready?
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