In-Person Work

Sexological Bodywork

also known as
Sacred Spot Massage

The sacred spot refers to the most intimate part of the nervous system, the gateaway to the unconditioned states of ecstasy. 

Anatomically speaking, the sacred spot is most often activated by massaging the prostate on the male body, and by massaging the female-prostate, also known as the g-spot, on the female body.

A session lasts up to 4 hours and typically runs through the below parts:

  • First part: intention setting, meditation, breathwork.

  • Second part: full body massage.

  • Third part: intimate massage.
    Includes yoni or root mapping, and prostate activation.

  • Fourth part: integration, closing.

Typically includes two 30-min phone calls: pre-care and after-care.

Inquire for a session

Kindly mention your location and ideal date of the session. Please sechedule 1 month in advance minium.

Individualized approach

Each sacred spot massage is finely tailored to the individual. There is no cookie cutter approach to this work.

The mind, the emotional body, and the physical body’s accords are all prerequisite in order to activate the physiology of the sacred-spot. 

The work is to stay acutely attuned to what is happening at each of these levels so we may eventually receive permission to access and activate its deepest powers.

What to Know?

This is a one-way touch, without agenda.

We enter in communication with the body’s somatic intelligence.

Both you and I come in service of your body.

The session is more akin to a spiritual experience than a sexual one.

The intention is to melt down resistance, and let life-force energy flow freely.

It typically includes massaging of the body internally, if and when the body is welcoming.